What’s in my Chemo Bag?

Oh, Chemo Day…such mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m unhappy about being pumped with liquid poison but on the other hand, it’s one step closer to finishing this phase, so in an odd way, knowing the latter, I actually look forward to crossing off each round.

For Chemo Day, one is typically there for quite a few hours, sometimes the entire day so you want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to be comfortable and entertained. For those wondering what essentials to pack, here’s a peek into my Chemo Bag.


    It gets cold in the infusion room no matter how many toasty blankets they give you. One of my friends (also fellow #pinksister) sent me a pair before I started chemo and they are one of my favorite things! Throw in an eye mask, a chill playlist, and some peppermint tea, you can (almost) pretend you’re just at the spa.
  2. LARGE LEATHER TOTE Like a typical New Yorker I seem to just love black or neutrals for everything. Hence, why I have tons of black bags. However, some girlfriends sent me a beautiful, bright cherry colored leather tote. It’s super roomy, I get so many compliments and it looks so cheery in the drab infusion room.
  3. 2-1 MAKE-UP/WRISTLET AND SMARTPHONE CHARGER My co-workers sent me a leather make-up bag/wristlet with my first name initial that also had a built-in phone charger. I love the great 2-1!  I couldn’t find the exact one they sent me but I liked this one as well as a super affordable version HERE. Holds all your beauty essentials and gives your phone juice. What could be better?
  4. TORIE AND HOWARD ORGANIC SOUR HARD CANDY Sour candy is extremely helpful to combatting the disgusting taste of having your port washed out (also chemo mouth in general). I love this brand in particular because it’s organic and the flavors are subtle.
  5. MARIO BADESCU ROSEWATER FACIAL SPRAY Dry skin is a big chemo side effect for me and I’m constantly putting on oil and lotion. I’ve always loved rosewater for a refresher, especially when I travel and this Mario Badescu one is the perfect pick-me-up for a lovely scented glow.
  6. ICONIC NEW YORK COLORING BOOK I never thought of coloring as an adult but it’s actually really therapeutic for chemo patients. My friend sent me this one and I love it so much because it’s of my beloved New York City and they double as postcards! Great coloring pencils HERE.
  7. BIOTENE MINT MOUTH SPRAY Biotene makes some of the best oral products for those undergoing chemo. I use their mouthwash and toothpaste (both great) but this mouth spray is a good on-the-go compromise when you need a little refresher for chemo mouth. Never too much minty-fresh!
  8. APPLE iPAD MINI 4  One of my most-used items is my iPad Mini. Mine’s an older model I got at a leadership retreat but it still does the job. It’s perfect to stream movies, TV shows and it doubles as a Kindle. I have an iPhone so use my NPYL and Overdrive apps for books and audiobooks. While I love physical books, checking out used books while on chemo skeeves me out so these free options are perfect!
  9. KORRES LIP BUTTER Ever since I went to Greece, I have loved the Korres brand. It gives me just the moisture I need with a hint of color. I prefer the glaze but I also have the regular lip butter too. As a bonus, it’s not out of a tin and I don’t have to use my hands (less germs!).
  10. L’OCCITANE HAND CREAM Again- dry skin is an issue and I’m really sensitive to strong scents on chemo for some reason. L’occitane has been a long-time trusted brand of mine and I just love their classic lotion. Moisturizing but not greasy.
  11. OROSE SILK EYE MASK I get sleepy, A LOT. Eye masks are perfect for blocking out the sun in any infusion room and lends to that overall “I’m at a spa” feel.
  12. LINDI FACE SERUM (TRAVEL SIZE) A #pinksister introduced me to this brand and I really like how gentle, mild and non-fragrant their products are. I especially love their face serum and it’s great for mid-day hydro. She sent me this travel pack and it’s a perfect sample of all the best products Lindi has to offer.

Some other things to consider bringing: Snacks (they usually have essentials but always helpful to have things you like to eat), tissues, comfy shoes that are easy to take on and off, a scarf or extra layers, journal, computer, and don’t forget to drink lots of water! I hope this helps and as always, thank you for reading!

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