The beauty of paying it forward

Everyone will suffer at some point in their life but it’s how one channels that suffering that matters.

11 months ago, my entire life changed with 3 horrifying words and I was initiated into a club I never wanted part in. It was devastating, scary, and incredibly lonely. In less than one year, I learned more about myself and those that I love than 3+ decades of life taught me. Through this crazy cancer chapter, I learned that nothing else in life matters but the relationships you have, the kindness of strangers, and the incredible powerful feeling of paying it forward.

I started this blog as a way to keep friends and family informed. I started Instagram as a way to connect with other young survivors. To find some peace from the ugly black hole of useless and scary cancer forums that is the internet as a whole. Originally, I just started following people and haphazardly posting a photo or two. But something funny started to happen. The more I shared my experiences, the more people felt connected to me.  In turn, I get to do some of the proudest things I have ever done- help other young breast cancer survivors feel less alone. I wanted to take a moment to share this article The Washington Post’s The Lily wrote about my story. Thank you for helping me with my initiative to make cancer talk less taboo. May all the survivors, thrivers and fighters (and all their loved ones) feel less alone each and every day.

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